Rosemary Botanical Dye DIY

DIY summer time. Do you want to try out some natural dyes by yourself? There are plenty of materials to use that do not require any special preparation to create something of beauty!


How about trying some rosemary?


Cut rosemary in plenty (we have them growing on the side of the road in plenty) and boil in a big pot with a good amount of water for about one hour. Let cool over night. Strain the dye, and warm up again, bringing it to a simmer. 


Now add a wetted scarf, or a white shirt, anything that has at least 85% natural fibres really, stir it around in the dye liquor and after 20 minutes, turn down the fire. Let the fabric cool in the pot, stirring occasionally. 

The longer you let it sit, the stronger the color will become.

Want to do something extra special? Fold the garment before dyeing, and keep the fold together with a few elastic bands, dye like this and untie the following day.


A great way to change the look of a garment!

Want to learn more?

Sign up for one of my boutique workshop about natural dyes with locally foraged leaves and flowers.

We will learn the important techniques of preparing your fabric, which fabrics are best for use with botanical dyes, and how do we make sure the dye sticks to the fabric. 

After that you will learn what mordants are, and how to prepare them on your fabric.

We then proceed to different ways of making dye from botanical materials, according to ancient traditional recipes, and learn about which plants you can use that are readily available to us. These dyes will be safe to use on a variety of materials, and you will find lots of fun ideas to use them for.

The workshop is a great mix of theory and hands-on experience and we will make sure you can replicate your results at home. We will make samples and one final project to take home. 

                                    to sign up for a workshop.

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