Suzanne Dekel, a DyeHeart and Fibre Nut


My work is strongly connected to my roots and upbringing. 

My family origins are located in the 16th century city of Amersfoort, and in my classical music studies the renaissance and baroque music were my favourite subjects. It's a theme I keep getting back to, even when I changed careers and ventured into textile dyeing (only to discover my family tree has many shoe- and dress makers in their lines).

In my work I combine historical research with modern techniques and my personal aesthetic. Natural dyeing according to 16th, 17th and 18th century recipes, are combined with eco-printing. I often use vintage dresses and introduce intimate elements such as old family photographs and sheet music. Research and constant learning is the fun part of the job.


I live and breath natural dyes, great fabrics make my heart beat faster!

The best thing in this adventure has been meeting  many brilliant people all over the globe and working together closely with artisans and experts. In the shop you will find the treasures these collaborations brought; handwoven textiles and the best natural dyes from all over the world. Fair Trade and organic is not just a buzz word here, I am committed to have 100% traceable products and make sure that everyone along the chain receives living wages and above, along with social rights such as paid maternity leave and safe working conditions!

My wish is that you will love these dyes and fabrics just as much as I do,

Much love,​


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