Coming up soon; Online video course -Natural Dyes and EcoPrinting-

In this online course I share all my knowledge with you from the comfort of your home. This course is for beginners and experienced dyers and printers, looking to fill the gaps in their skill set.


The course is built in 5 modules, each divided in up to seven video lessons, exclusively produced for this website. Just like my blogs, these lessons are based on historical and factual research, with clear set goals. 


You will receive all the skills you need to mordant, dye and print your textiles and paper, using different types of natural dyes, leaves and techniques.

Separate modules: Your module will remain accessible for you for two years and comes with a printable fact and recipe sheet.

The complete course; Unlimited life-time access to all the video lessons and recipes at a special bundle price

Language; English with English subtitles.

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All rights reserved, copyright all images and text @Suzanne Dekel/DekelDyes

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