This is the Rolls Royce of fabrics. Cashmere is often found in blends with other materials because it is so precious. The softest wool on the planet is made not from sheeps wool but the wool of the cashmere goat. 


The reason that the fabric is so pricey is that cashmere goats only produce around 113g of cashmere fibre each annually. Fabric made from cashmere is up to eight times warmer than sheep's wool and are extremely soft to touch.


I have found a limited number of scarves from this beautiful fabric, it smells a bit like goats which I love. 


Tech specs;

16.5 micron Mongolian Cashemere, fibre length 42mm combed and spun. 

Unbleached, a natural soft oatmeal shade.

70 by 180 cm Jaquard weave

This is the best Cashmere there is available.

100% Cashmere Wool

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