Gentle cold use mordant for bucket method (weight per liter, not per fiber).

Mordant fit for all fibers.


Make a 2% solution with (at most) 50 °C warm water. That is 20 grams of powder per liter of water.


Making 10 liter mordant (in a plastic bucket):

10 × 20 g = 200 g of Aluminium Triformate are weighed and added to a bucket with warm water. Stir.

For smaller amounts (3-5 liter), the powder is dissolved in warm water (approx. 40-60 ºC) and then topped up with cold water.

The mordant can be used immediately. 


Time in the mordant;

At 50ºC 1-2 hours. At room temperature 8 hours.

There is no upper limit for mordanting times, so you could keep your fibre in the bucket and leave it there until you need it.


The next batch of fabric can be mordanted in the same bucket. Times needed will extend each time you use up a bit of the mordant. Top up water if needed.

Aluminium (tri) Formate

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