Unfermented ground indigo leaf.

No need for mordant, no need for a vat.

Use in dye pastes for printing and low impact dyeing.  

Click HERE for the instruction PDF on Low Impact Dyes



Create the most beautiful greens, mints and turqousies without the need for a traditional indigo vat.  Making an indigo vat is time costly, and takes a lot of skill and maintenance. With the Low Impact method you can skip all of this and still get lovely shades of intense blue, green and mint depending on your fabric. 


Colours are very light and wash fast, and hold up excellent in eco printing.



Mordants will make slight colour changes but this powder can be used without the need for a mordant!


Active dye components;  indigotin/indican

-Securely packed in a re-sealable zip bag for easy use and storage

-Look here for the blog about indigo powder

-Look here for the full instructions on how to create beautiful blues without a mordant or a vat.


Green Indigo Powder

  • Storage

    Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect against physical damage. Maintain a constant temperature not to exceed 24° C. (75° F.).  Observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.


    Heath and Safety

    Do not ingest. Do not breathe dust. Wear protective gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask when handling fine dye powders and mordants.

    Possibly harmful when swallowed or inhaled


    Environmental Hazards

    Natural dye powders are no known environmental concern. Mordants and mordanted dye baths should be disposed in a sensible way according to your local waste disposal laws.

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