Brown Catechu Natural Dye Extract is an extract of acacia trees used as a tannin, and as a dye. The catechu extract is high in natural vegetable tannins, Cutch is an important historical brown dye that comes from the heartwood of the cutch tree (Acacia catechu). It is a very easy dye to use and it is both light-fast and wash-fast. Cutch is an excellent dye for cottons as it is high in tannins, and it is also suitable for dyeing wool, silk, and cotton a reddish-brown. Cutch gives grey-browns with an iron mordant and olive-browns with a copper mordant. Alum will give brighter tones.


As a mordant, 10% is enough

Use 20-50% WOF to dye a medium depth of shade on cotton.


To use mainly the catechu-tannic acid, use cold water. To yield the browns from the dye component catechin, you need hot (boiling) water to dissolve.

Dye baths can be re-used for lighter shades.

Dyeing with cotton; cotton fabric is premordanted with natural mordants pomegranate or myrobolan. Disolve Cutch powder in a little hot water to make a paste and then dissove in dye bath. Heat for 90 min at 80° to 90°C with material – to- liquor ratio 1:20.

Continued stir is required for even dyeing.

Wash and dry the fabric. 


Cutch has been known to be used as an astringent to help in the treatment of eczema. (Please note we have no personal experience with this)


Weight; 100 grams

-Securely packed in a re-sealable zip bag for easy use and storage


Cathechu Extract (Cutch) 100gr

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