A special request for a special person; a scarf for someone who loves fresh and bold colors. A grey background with 'popping' leaves and flowers of Chinese Honeysuckle. There are striking marks of pink from Cochineal.

Chinese Honeysuckle has some great medical uses in natural medicine, og which I hope the intentions in spirit will be tangible in this scraf.

Crepe Georgette is the cadilac of silks, and because it doesn't slip it is fantastic for a head wrap.

Size; 65/70 (a bit of stretch from the crepe) by 200 cm.


Price includes priority registered shipping in my signature gift box and gift wrapping to the Netherlands.

Crepe Georgette scarf with Honeysuckle and Cochineal

    • Only wash when dirty. 
    • Wash with handwarm soapy water with a dash of vinegar.
    • Dry in the shade.
    • Iron silk hot, wool is best pressed with a towel between the iron and the fabric.
    • Please do not wash in the machine, high temperatures or dry clean, as it may damage the delicate fabrics and dyes.
  • All our products are made with the best quality fabrics, natural dyes and natural leaves. Specs, creases, dots and stripes are all part of the expected results.

    Each piece was produced with much love, in a process that takes up to three days, mordanting, preparing the dyes out of powdered barks, dyeing and printing with foraged leafs, after which the product is washed and ironed.

    Most pieces are left unhemmed on purpose, for a free flow and to maintain a breeziness to the fabric that is lost whem hemmed. The fabric may fray one or two strands which can be pulled out gently.

    Some scarves are hemmed with a rolled hem, either with gold thread or white. This is mentioned in the product description.

    Feel free to request more pictures of your scarf before making your purchase!

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