The dye that keeps on giving, a little goes a long way! 50 grams of heartwood chips will easily dye 200 grams of fibre. 

This is one of those Old World dyes that were massively used from around 1600 to 1850 in the dye industry. Used to make madder a bit fiercer, or as an under layer for indigo for beautiful greens.


Origin: Brazil also known under Maclura Tinctoria

Part used: heartwood

Colour range: yellows, green

Mordant: not needed but alum will improve light fastness

Light fastness: Good

WOF: 25% 

Cold dyeing: no

Hot dyeing: yes

Low Impact Method: no

Active dye component; Morin


Fustic Heartwood Chips (Chlorophora tinctoria)

$5.90 per 100 Grams
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