Dates; 5-6-7 April. 2021


Each day is 9.30-16.00 with a  break for lunch.

Goal; creating a rainbow of colour, blacks and grays using only natural dyes.


Day one; first half scouring and mordanting like a pro, working with ‘new’ mordants such as aluminium tri formate and titanium oxalate.

second half; understanding the working between tannins and mordant salts.


Day two; creating three dye baths; cochineal, weld and madder, working with the samples with different mordants and understanding the different outcome. Understanding the function of Ph in natural dyeing and how to use it to influence your results.


Day three; setting up an indigo vat, creating and maintaining an indigo vat, now we are going to combine part of our previously made samples with our blue, so we can make the full rainbow. We finish by making a sample box with recipes so you can re-view your results and repeat at home. I will teach you tried and trusted way of creating lasting documentation that is easy to use.



What is included;

Use of all gear that I will bring for the course.

Scouring agents.


Natural dyes

A large pack of different fabrics (silk, wool, cotton) to work with.

Each participant will take home a full set of samples and a sample box of materials (mordants and dyes) to use at home.

Gadera Natural Dye Course