Goldenrod natural dye, also known as solidago. A common garden plant in southern Europe and widely used in flower arrangements.

Pretty sunny yellows on alum mordanted silks and wool, dyes very well on cellulose mordanted with aluminium acetate.

After mordanting with ferrous sulfate gives gorgeous greens.

Use the cut plants in a dye bag or you will spend lots of time removing the bits from your fabric. Can be heated up together with the fabric for fast yellows without prior soaking.


Our goldenrod is organic, not sprayed with pesticides like the flowers used for the flower industry. European source, sustainable and renewable.


Part used: tops and flowers

Colour range: yellows

Mordant: alum 10%

Light fastness: good

WOF: 50-100%

Cold dyeing: yes

Hot dyeing: yes (keep below simmer)

Low Impact Method: no



Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) cut (organic)

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