There is something very emotional about holding handspun and handloom textiles. You can not beat the feel and feeling of a true handmade product. 


I have these artisan scarves in two varieties; millspun warp and millspun weft, or millspun warp and handspun weft. These are with a handspun weft, which adds something very special to the feel of this fabric.


Eri silk is also called Ahimsa, or peace silk because the cocoons are harvested without killing the moth. The name "Eri' comes from the Assamese word "era", which means "castor", because the silkworm feeds on castor plants. Eri silk has a more woolly feeling than regular commercial silk and has thermal qualities.


Size 55 cm wide and 180 long.


This is a pre-order for eri silk stoles. This is to support a small start-up weaver, who is still in the process of getting his workshop set up. This workshop supports his mother and aunt who do the weaving, and hopefully more women in this area as his business expands. I am assisting by placing a large order and by offering mentoring the technical aspects of running a business. 


Pre-order means I will ship you the scarves the same day they reach me. This may vary depending on the postal gods and bureaucracy of import authorities.

Handloom Hand-spun Eri Silk Scarf Pre-Order 55-180

SKU: Eeri45
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