There is something very emotional about holding handspun and handloom textiles. You can not beat the feel and feeling of a true handmade product. 


Eeri silk is also called Ahimsa, or peace silk because the cocoons are harvested without killing the moth. The name "Eeri' is derived from the Assamese word "era", which means "castor", because the silkworm feeds on castor plants. Eri silk has a more woolly feeling than regular commercial silk (because it is spun, not reeled) and has thermal qualities.

No optical brighteners or sizing chemicals used. Pre-


The silk cocoons are brought to the women in the village who spin the silk using a spindle. A kilo of silk takes about two weeks to be spun. It is then brought to the family who does our weaving, and lovingly processed in these works of art. Because the weft is hand spun, the fabric takes dye differently than an entirely handspun scarf, this makes for very exciting effects.


Sample of dyed and printed silk by me. 


Tech specs;

Warp; millspun eri silk

Weft; Handspun eri silk

70 cm / 27.5 inches wide

200 cm / 79 inches long


Some scarves come with twisted fringes, others have loose fringes. If you have a preference, please write it to me in your order form.

Taking care of your fringes; hand-wash and dry, brush softly with a baby brush.






Handspun Handwoven Cruelty Free Eeri Silk (70-200)

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