So elegant, a bit rustic, and visibly made by expert artisans.

Warp is made from millspun eri silk, where the weft is made from hand-spun eri silk. The ladies sit with their drop spindle in the evening and spin cocoon after cocoon. After this the scarves are woven by the women on their family loom.


Cruelty free eri silk is of the most famous in the Assam region in India. A dwindling craft of seri-culture silk growers, spinners and weavers. 


Because the silk is hand-spun cocoon by cocoon, it absorbs natural dyes differently per row, giving a very special effect to your project.


By purchasing these scarves you are supporting women in remote vilages who support their families while keeping ancient crafts alive. Together with the owner of this small, home based workshop we work to educate and build up. DekelDyes also makes regular donations to Shanti Bhavan, an education project in Tamil Nadu.

Hand-spun Handwoven Cruelty Free Eri Silk 45-180cm

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