Himalayan Rhubarb

Reum Emodi


Concentrated extract of the roots of Reum Emodi, known for its' Ayurvedic Properties. Easily soluble in water and extremely concentrated a little goes a long way.

Rhubarb loves cellulose fibres, and is a substantial natural dye that does not need a mordant to attach itself permanently to the fabric.

Rhubarb natural dye extract is also a great use as a mordant in itself, use as a first layer for further use with indigo or other natural dyes or use in eco printing.


1-10% WOF for medium to deep shades

Active dye component; Emodin (anthraquinone), chrysophanol, oxalic acids, tannins.

Ph sensitive;  brick red (with an alkali modifier) 

golden yellows (with an acidic modifier)

Green with ferrous sulfate post mordant.

Deep golden with copper mordant.

Bright yellow with alum mordant and a bit of vinegar in the dye bath.


Natural dye extracts are a super economic way to use natural dyes. They are more economic to store, ship and use, try once and never look back!






Himalayan Rhubarb Extract (Rheum Emodi)

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