Organic Indigo blend from Indonesia. From seed to powder traceable and accounted for, produced by an amazing powerhouse Indonesion lady. This is the best indigo I have worked with so far. Extra fine powder that needs only a little good mixing in hot water before adding to the vat.


90% indigofera arrecta and 10% indigofera suffruticosa in a blend made especially for DekelDyes.


FairTrade Organic, Indigofera arrecta and suffruticosa do not suffer from pests, and therefor no persticides are used while making them.


Basic recipe with Hydros as given by the artisan;

5  liters of warm water of about 40ºC

Mix in;

5 gr of Hydrosulfit

10 gr Soda Ash

Add 2 spoons of Indigo and stir well (I personally make a paste with hot water first)

Close with a lid and let stand for one hour. Check the solution, it should be yellow to green. Now it is ready for use.


Complete instructions you will find here.



Store dry and dark.

We also have our regular indigo from India.

Organic Indigo (Indigofera arrecta and suffruticosa)

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