Indigo blend from Indonesia. From seed to powder traceable and accounted for, produced by an amazing powerhouse Indonesion lady. This is the best indigo I have worked with so far. 

Indigo Suffruticosa, I. Tinctoria and I. Arecta in a blend made especially for DekelDyes.


FairTrade Organic


Basic recipe with Hydros as given by the artisan;

5  liters of warm water of about 40ºC

Mix in;

5 gr of Hydrosulfit

10 gr Soda Ash

Add 2 spoons of Indigo and stir well (I personally make a paste with hot water first)

Close with a lid and let stand for one hour. Check the solution, it should be yellow to green. Now it is ready for use.


Complete instructions you will find here.


Comes in a bag of 50 grams.

Store dry and dark.

We also have our regular indigo from India.

Indigo (Indonesian blend)

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