This is for a minimum of 4 people participating. A full day of learning in the studio in Shoham - Israel


Hours; 9-15.


Option 1; a day of eco printing multiple test fabrics with different mordants. we will use protein fibres and cellulose fibers and learn how to prepare the fabric in an ecologically safe way. You will learn which leaves are good fits for eco printing, the use of barriers, tying and aftercare for the fabrics.


Option 2 a day of eco printing large surfaces and learning how to fold in different ways. Composition and further techniques are discussed. There will be time to further learn where to find plants and trees and how to sustainably forage materials.


Option 3 a day of natural dyes, creating a rainbow of colors from different plant dyes; learn basic recipes for madder, logwood and weld and how different mordants influence the colours. 


Option 4 Preparing and maintaining an indigo vat. Includes making different shibori patterns.


It is possible to combine option 1 with 2 or 3 or take four days together. Option 4 can be a stand alone as well.


Included; my professional tutoring and knowledge, dyes and mordants to use, coffee and tea, light snacks.

This does not include fabrics. I have a list of fabrics needed, which you can choose to bring yourself or purchase through me.

Also not included; lunch, you can bring a sandwich or a salad. For kosher reasons I can only have vegetarian or vegan food in my studio.





Workshop in the studio

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