Finely ground marigold petals for warm, golden yellows. Marigold is a fun and easy to use natural dye, and is highly recommended for dye projects with children. Use marigold natural dye powder with alum for impoved light-fastness, but it will also dye without a mordant.


Marigold petals natural dye is an abundant renewable dye source in India where the flower heads are first used for religious rituals and then dried to be used as natural dye.  Marigold natural dye powder produces vibrant shades of yellow to orange. These organic petals are from a new supplier in Egypt.


For medium dephth of shade use around 50-100% WOF marigold petals.

Comes in a sealed, re-usable pouch made from  recycled paper.


Active dye compound; Lutein

Other uses; Ayurvedic Medicine


Marigold Petals (Tagetes) petals, Organic

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