Get started with a wide range of 'easy' natural dyes. Combine with different mordants for a whole range of amazing natural shades. This kit includes the best dyes for beginners, including an instruction sheet to get you started right away.

Combine with our mordant starting kit to ensure light and wash fastness of your dyes on fabrics.


50 gr/1.7 oz Logwood - purple/blue/black

50 gr/1.7 oz Weld - yellow/green

50 gr/1.7 oz Walnut husks - brown/brown-black

50 gr/1.7 oz Sappan Wood - red/purple

50gr/1.7 oz Cutch - light brown/dark brown

A piece of silk to dye

Wooden spoon

Instruction sheet


Natural Dye Powder Starter Kit (incl basic instructions)

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