Price per meter, limited meters available. Width at least 65 cm. 


There is no comparison to the feeling of handloom and handspun fabrics. This linen is unused but washed linen dating from the early 1900's. Linen like this would be woven at home on the farm. You can see the little irregularities that give this linen its' charm. It is still rolled up in the traditional way; folded double and then rolled.

Linen is a cellulose bast fibre, and takes dye and eco prints like a champion.

Amazing for unique pillow covers, rustic apliques on bags and much more.

Since this linen is over 100 years old, it needs a good washing and scouring before use and may come with some discolorations and small stains that should even out after washing and with dyeing and printing.


Made in The Netherlands ca1900

Organic Vintage Hand-spun Handloom Linen

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