Slowly I am changing to peace silk, ethically sourced silk cocoons (without killing the moth), handwoven by a weaver in India I purchase directly from. My weaver, in turn, pays women in his village directly and above average wages to spin the silk from the cocoons they grow at home. Honest trading at its' best.


This silk is super soft, absorbs moisture like nothing else, keeps cool and warm, in fact it feels a lot like wool. It is nothing like the regular mill silks I used to work with, this textile has a soul.


Handwash with ph neutral soap.

Dry in shade

If needed, brush the fringes with a baby brush to untangle.

If you need one shawl in your life, this would be it.


60 cm wide and over 200 cm long 





Handwoven peace silk scarf printed with Pecan Leaves

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