70-200cm pashmina size, in a very subtle diamond weave.

The perfect combo of wool, modal and silk. Mordant like you would any protein scarf.


50% wool, 45% modal and 5% silk blend.


Treat them like wool, feels like our wool/silk scarves.

Modal is an eco-friendly alternative to cotton, similar to viscose. It absorbs 50% more mositure than cotton. Modal is a cellulose fiber produced in a closed system with minimum use of water, and maximum recycling of water. Modal has minimum shrinkage and hold colours extremely well and does not pill like viscose sometimes tends to do. Mixed with wool it makes the wool more durable.

This can be used with devore paste.


Work by Grace Johnson with fresh Indigo leaves from her garden.


Ready for printing and dyeing PFD

Usually these are individually packed in a plastic sleeve.

Wool/Modal/Silk blend scarves 70-200cm

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