Sandalwood, also known as Saunderswood, Sanderswood, and Paduak. This is not the endangered Yellow Sandalwood or the Red Sandalwood , Pterocarpus santalinus.

Colours prepared from the heartwood are delicious pinks and reddish browns.  Sandalwood comes in chips and sawdust, ours is sawdust


It is part of the insoluble redwood dyes which means extracting can take slighly more work than for example logwood.

Soak in rubbing alcohol OR simmer one hour in water. Strain in a coffee filter before dyeing because removing the sawdust will be a lot of work. Alternatively put the sawdust in a reusable teabag or a muslin bag.


Dye your mordanted  fabrics for around 45 minutes at a simmer, let cool down in the dye pot.

Red Sandalwood ( Pterocarpus soyauxii) Powder

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