Roughly ground natural madder roots of the highest quality.


Our excellent madder roots comes from the roots of Rubia Tinctorum, one of the oldest known dye stuffs in the world. It is grown, harvested and processed in Europe, so fair trade is guaranteed. Madder is a renewable resource and has a positive CO2 footprint.

This professional grade powdered madder root will give deep, perfect reds on wool and silk when used at 50-100%WOF.

Exhaust baths and different mordants produce turkey reds, mulberry, orange-red, terra cotta, and in combination with other dyes and dyeing procedures can yield crimson, purple, and near black with indigo.


Use left over madder dye baths to feed your organic indigo vat.


Mordanting is advised as follows;

Protein - 20% WOF Potassium Aluminium

Cellulose - 10% WOF Aluminium Acetate.


Active dye components; Alizarin and purpurin.

Read more about anthraquinnes here;

Securely packed in a re-sealable zip bag for easy use and storage


Use; Soak roots in cold water for a few hours. Slowly heat hard water with the dye paste to 60ºC keep for 1.3 hours. Let cool down. The dye is now ready for use.


Always soak bark and roots overnight before heating. Use a dye bag when dyeing wool or the bits will get stuck in the fibers. Heat slowly to below a boil, boiling may dull colours. No mordant needed but alum will intensify the dye results.

Madder Roots (Rubia Tinctorum) Organic

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