The easiest way to start setting up your own Indigo vat!


Step by step instructions for setting up your very first indigo vat.


What do you learn?

How to measure your ingredients, and what is the fail proof recipe.

How to handle all ingredients step-to-step.

How to 'read' your vat so you will know if it is ready to use.

Maintenance and re-activating your indigo vat.


Want to get started with all the ingredients? Order this PDF with all the ingredients in THIS bundle.


What peope say about this class;


Thank you, Suzanne! I learned a lot and found the steps easy to follow. Carrie Ann


My mini vat is fantastic.  Thanks again. Margaret


I had taken Suzanne's Indigo dyeing online workshop and enjoyed the way she conducted it - very thorough and was able to create a few pieces by myself after the workshop. Kety




Set up your first Indigo Vat

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