Also known as;

Sodium Dithionite, Thiourea dioxide, Thiox, Hydrosulfite Sodium or the brand name Spectalite (which is less strong).


Chemical reducer for your indigo vat.


To be used with our premium quality indigo from Tamil Nadu. Sodium Hydrosulphite is a chemical used to quickly reduce oxigen from an indigo vat so the indigo will become soluble in water. Other methods for doing this are by using henna, madder roots, or by making a sugar vat.


Learn how to make your indigo vat with this step-by-step PDF instruction, click here.

Sodium Hydrosulphite

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    0.500- 0.750 kg     16$

    0.750 1.00 kg        20$

    1.00- 1.50 kg         25$

    1.50- 2.00 kg         35$

    2.00 kg                   40$


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