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About Me

Suzanne Tamar Dekel

I'm Suzanne Tamar Dekel – an international natural dye expert and workshop facilitator.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by color, history, and music, and surrounded myself with beautiful, vibrant colors and tones. I often find myself exploring the woods and fields near my home, searching for new hues, and researching the natural coloring processes that occur in nature.

Over the years I've gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in natural dye processes – both historical and modern, and love sharing this abundance with the world.

With over two decades of teaching experience in South America, Europe, and the Middle East, I've been able to relay the beauty and intricacy of natural dyes, music, and history to diverse audiences globally. 

My online and in-person workshops will teach you about dye processes, and allow you to experience the thrill and softness of the intricate, complex procedure in a methodical, welcoming environment. 

Join me in creating and exploring new colors and ideas! 


I build community by cultural exchanges, a vibrant Facebook group and international workshop.


Our supply store for natural dyes, mordants and blank fabrics ships materials to a worldwide audience of artists and hobby dyers. 

The DekelDyes Research Lab consults museums, dye factories, and the high-tech food- and textile industry in best practices, technical solutions, and problem-solving.

We often host textile and design student groups to teach and inspire about natural dyeing and printing.

The DekelDyes Studio, this is where we dye and print commissions for artists and clients. Workshops in Israel usually take place here.

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DekelDyes is a Sustainable Business

Vision and Mission

DekelDyes is committed to be a sustainable and responsible business. This process is ever evolving and takes a lot of fine tuning. We will adjust this section as we improve.

Consciousness is a learning process, and when we learn, we know better, and when we know better, we do better!


Responsibility goes three ways.

1. Responsibility to our customers;

  • DekelDyes is transparent about goals, what drives us and what our criteria for products and suppliers are. 

  • We wish to create a loyal client base with aligned values.

  • Passionate community building: we do not just deliver your goods, we want to help you learn how to use it. Be it through our free blogs, paid courses and workshops or the amazing Facebook Group we have, you will always find the answers and solutions you need.

  • Consumer trust: our clients know we are 100% behind our products and we take full responsibility.

  • We find holistic packaging solutions that will keep your products fresh and secure in transit and in storage, while trying to minimize Co2 footprint and use of plastics. 

2. Responsibility to our suppliers:

  • We bridge the gap between high skilled artisans in rural areas and bring their highest quality products to our fabric loving, colour creating audience.

  • Our long term artisan partnerships are carefully chosen to advantage the disadvantaged, and to have representation of women all along the supply chain.

  • We work with certified Fair Trade organizations OR work directly with artisans and will always pay them full price for their wares.

  • When working with larger mills we require OEKO tex or GOTS certification.

  • We will never delay payments to our suppliers (as is the norm in the fashion industry).

  • We have special mentorship programs to assist small rural entrepreneurs with increasing their business skills and online presence. 

3. Ecological sustainability and responsibility.

  • Our natural dyes (currently over 64) are GOTS certified organic where available. Better for the workers, better for you, better for the environment.

  • Dyes should be from renewable sources, and we check our suppliers for crop rotation and regenerative agriculture practice. 

  • Most of our dyes are considered climate positive.

  • Animal welfare is our top priority, we promote the use of cruelty free silks and organic wool (mulesing free), and are slowly reducing products that do not meet that description.

  • Packaging and shipping methods are a careful balance between finding the most eco friendly methods and keeping our products fresh and protected.

  • We plant trees through Ecologi, to offset our Co2 footprint, which makes us a climate positive business.

Image by Terri Bleeker

Visuals From the Studio

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