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A small shop has slowly grown in my home, with a treasure trove of colourful natural dye powders, extracts, and an a collection of handwoven textiles. Carefully packed in sustainably packaging to be shipped all over the globe to avid natural dye enthusiasts. 


I search the world for these textiles and natural dyes of the highest quality. I work directly with the producer, and this has led to many wonderful contacts. Working directly with spinners and weavers, growers and producers, has been a humbling experience of friendship and mutual respect, a gift I do not take lightly. I admire the knowledge from my new 'aunties' who have ancient wisdom that has been passed down generations. These are all products selected by me who uses them daily.

My own art-work connects me to traditions, something that has been a subject of my curiosity since I was a child.

Using dye techniques with recipes of centuries ago, and eco-printing, magical fabrics are created. Their hues rich and divers, imprints of leaves and twigs tickling the imagination. Silks are perfect for any season, while wool wraps make the perfect winter companion.

I study the knowledge of plants that has been passed from generation to generation, for dyeing, healing, and nourishing. The deep connection with plants can be found anywhere in the written works of our sages, while the use of fabric is obvious; to cover while we pray, to cover the bread, the Torah scrolls, and the observant women who cover their hair with intricate wraps or simple scarves or tichels.

I concentrate on natural dyes made with the bounty of botanicals that are available right near me; eucalyptus, oak, marigolds, barks, leaves and flowers that leave their eternal mark on a piece of art to be worn by me, and you.

Suzanne Dekel

Emek Ayalon 14




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