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The Complete Botanical Printing Online Course

With Suzanne Dekel
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On this page you will find all the different modules of this comprehensive online course. The modules can only be accessed by members of the Botanical Printing Online Course. Click a module to view the contents or sign up.

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With the opening of this self paced course, you will find the different modules on this page.

In order to get you started you will need materials:


digital scale 

a large non-reactive pan, or even better a chafing dish of 45 cm long

A smaller 5 liter pot (non reactive)

several wooden dowels: at least 3 of 25 cm and 3 of 45 cm (or as large as will fit your pan)

Rope to tie

An electrical hotplate or a gas burner

Plastic gloves

Mordants and dyes:


Aluminium Tri-Formate

Copper sulfate

Ferrous sulfate


Pomegranate rind

Acacia tannin 


3 meters Wool etamine de laine

3 meters Silk habotai 8 mommi or 10 mommi


Silk satin

or Silk crepe de chine

6 meters Cotton French terry

2 meters Thin cotton like pima cotton.

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