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Natural Dyes made Easy

Suzanne Dekel Natural Dyes
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Start your creative journey with materials sourced from small farms and weaving cooperatives. 

DekelDyes is our supply shop of sustainable, organic, and fair-trade textiles, natural dyes, and mordants. Ec0-conscious materials deeply rooted in nature.

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Start your Natural Dye journey today, from the comfort of your home with printable instructions.

Learn how to dye fabrics with my new 'Starter Guide two Natural Dyes', or explore the instructions for printing with Dye pastes, Botanical Printing, and more!

starter guide to natural dyes.jpg
Suzanne Tamar Dekel in front of a row of naturally dyed fabric samples from the exhibition in Holon

New Workshop Dates for 2024

Do you want to learn botanical printing, natural dyeing, or print making?

Join me in person for a colorful experience in one of my boutique workshops around the world.

Together we work towards gorgeous, eco-conscious colors.

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