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International Greeting Card Exchange

Building Community Worldwide

An opportunity to get to know each other for real.

Almost 500 people from 31 countries, got to know a completely random person from the other end of the world. Connecting through what they have in common; a love for natural dyes, colors, and nature. 

This project proves that we can always make new friends, no matter where we are, or how old we are. My wish is that you will continue to be in touch, and continue to exchange your progress and share your results.

The responses have been so heartwarming, I will share here a selection of the greeting cards that were sent from and to:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam, Indonesia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

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