Keeping you creative workspace organized, with professional organizer Rebekah Saltzman.

I love an organized space. I love things to be neat and where it should be, but the moment I get creative, the mess takes over and I know I am not alone. Especially eco printing with a million leaves, mordant buckets and barriers flying around! So I asked my friend Rebekah Saltzman to join me for a talk about creativity, messiness and key tips for keeping your work space neat.

Rebekah lives in Israel with her husband and three children.  She holds a degree in Fashion Design from Parson School of Design in from New York City and Has been helping people declutter in one form or another for 20 years!

In 2012, Rebekah Saltzman was inspired by the Zero Waste movement, and a job advertisement for a couple who were looking to downsize before moving internationally. Then still a graphic designer, she quit her job and started a personal organization company. Today she helps people organize their homes and businesses, helping them streamline, automate, and reduce their waste. 

Have a look at our talk, including the major blooper I can not manage to cut out, and let me know in the comments what your take-away is from this interview. Below I have put the links where you can find Rebekah online, and stay inspired.

My take-aways from this talk;

  • Everything needs a 'home'.

  • Categories should work well together and make sense.

  • Uniform containers create clarity.

  • Labeling will help you save time looking for things.

  • Having less, gives you less to worry about, and will make it easier for you to let those creative juices flow.

For more declutter and organising tips join the fabulous Facebook group Organizing in Israel and on Instagram @balaganbegone and TikTok as @rebekahsaltzman. There is a weekly podcast called Journey to Organization where she talks about decluttering and reducing waste. Rebekah's website is

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