Alder buckthorn is native to Europe and invasive in North America.

25% WOF gives great colours, use up to 100%WOF and re-use the dye bath.


Buckthorn bark can be used without a mordant, it is a substantial dye. Mordanting with alum will improve light-fastness. Ph sensitive.

In an alkaline dye bath (ph 10-11), alder buckthorn will give fantastic brick reds, no heat required! Just let the fibres ferment together with the bark. In an acid dye bath you will create golden, bright yellows.

Light-fast on protein but not on cellulose.

Heating above 60ºC will give you cinamon reds and browns.


Sourced from Europe, organic, renewable source, Co2 positive footprint.


Active dye component; anthraquinones.


Other uses;

The bark (and to a lesser extent the fruit) has been used as a laxative, due to its 3–7% anthraquinone content.


Packed in a resealable bag of 100 grams (3.5oz)

Full recipe here


Alder Buckthorn Bark (Rhamnus frangula) organic

100 Grams