Kamala dyes a beautiful orange yellow on silk and wool. It dyes lighter yellow shades on cotton. Deep moss green with ferrous sulfate. For deep greens give a ground with indigo.Kamala fruit is also known as the monkey-face tree.It is an Ayurvedic plant, and used in traditional medicine. The dye comes from the seeds of the tree. 


Protein; mordant; alum 15% WOF.

Cellulose mordant: tannin at 10% WOF and then alum at 15%, or alum acetate at 10%.


Alcohol extraction; add alcohol 70% for 2 hours stirring occasionally. Add water and heat together for the dye bath.

Extracting with soda ash; mix the Kamala powder 50% its' weight in soda ash and enough water to make a sludge. Let stand  stirring occasionally. Add the entire mixture to the dyebath.  

Kamala Powder (Mallotus philippinensis)

$6.50 per 100 Grams
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