Lac extract is one of those Old World dyes mentioned as early as 250 AD. The deep red colorant is extracted from the crude shellac resin excreted by the lac insect. Lac natural dye extract is a substantial dye that does not need a mordant but we recommend using one for more even and long lasting results.

Lac extract yields crimsons to burgundy reds to deep purples. The colourant is similar to cochineal but colours achieved are warmer, softer, and more muted. The lac dye has high light and washfastness on silk and wool. 
Dissolve lac powder in a little bit of very hot water to make a paste before adding it to the dye bath.


Active dye component;  Laccaic acid

Use at 5-8% WOF of the natural dye extract for a medium depth of shade.

Mordant recommended with 15% Alum for protein and 10% aluminium acetate for cellulose.

Lac is Ph sensitive.


Lac Extract (Laccifer lacca)

100 Grams