One of the most favourite natural dyes we know. Fast to make, easy to use, a wide scope of colours with different mordants.


Logwood chips come from the heartwood of the logwood tree, Haematoxylon Campechianum. It is also called Campeche by some dyers. The tree grows in South America, but has become hard to come by lately due to political instability of the region. Logwood is available in chips and we have the finely ground powder, which I find easier to use because it skips the need to put chips in a separate sock. Natural dye in sawdust form is more economical than the chips.

Use at 20-30 WOF for medium depth of shade and reuse the dye baths until fully exhausted.


For purples; mordant fabrics with alum, and make sure the bath is slightly alkaline. For deep night blues; skip the alum, and add 1% Copper Sulphate to the bath. Adding acid will shift the bath to coppery browns. With iron a lovely gray-black can be achieved.


In this article you can find specific recipes for different shades of logwood made with natural logwood powder.

We also have logwood chips.



Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) Chips

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