Super high in tannins, this is an extract for dyeing all natural fibers.

Creates brown reds, pinks, browns.

Use at 5-10% WOF.


Active dye compounds; Flavonoids and fisetin.

Add an alkali to deepen the shades and turn more to reds and pinks. Takes slightly better on cellulose than on protein fibers. 


The wood from these trees is some of the very hardest known with a specific gravity of 1.3-1.4. Argentina and Paraguay are the main producers. Extracts are made in factories located near the sources. The logs are chipped and cooked with steam in copper extractors until the liquor is very concentrated. This has tannin content of 60-80% percent. Because quebracho is very rich in tannins, it does not need a mordant for dyeing. Using alum will make the colours brighter.


From a sustainable grower in Argentina; organic, local production, the extraction by-products are used as a source of energy.  The grower is providing nursery production and replanting 500,000 trees/year. Co2 positive footprint.

Quebracho - schinopsis lorentzii- EXTRACT

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