Sappan Wood, also known as eastern Brazilwood.

Latin name: Caesalpinia Sappan

From deep reds to purples and to oranges Sappan wood is not used often enough in my opinion. Ph is key (as in most red colouring dyes).


Origin; India, renewable and sustainable source, organic.

Packed in a resealable bag from recycled materials.


See the blog for additional dye instructions.

Sappan Wood Powder

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    0.01- 0.100 kg      5$

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    0.500- 0.750 kg     16$

    0.750 1.00 kg        20$

    1.00- 1.50 kg         25$

    1.50- 2.00 kg         35$

    2.00 kg                   40$


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