Part used: seed pods

Colour range: clear to gray and black with ferrous sulphate

Mordant: none

Light fastness: improves light fastness for all dyes

WOF: 10%

Cold dyeing: no

Hot dyeing: yes

Low Impact Method: no

Works better with cellulose than protein fibers.


Tara powder is a vegetable tannin of the pyrogallic type and is produced from the pods of a stocky shrub or small tree, the Tara or Cesalpinia Spinosa.


The fruits are 43-51 percent tannin.  The plant is cultivated in Peru and North Africa.  It is used for producing a high grade of leather as it changes the color only slightly.  The fruits are also used for ink and black dye.


Use Tara at 10% WOF for improving light and wash fastness.

Packed in a resealable bag of 100 grams (3.5 oz).

Tara (Cesalpinia Spinosa) powder

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