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Natural Dyeing on Cellulose

This self-paced, comprehensive online course will teach you everything you need to know about natural dyeing on cellulose fibers. Learn how to create your own natural dyes from plant-based materials, as well as a variety of techniques to produce vibrant colors. Get creative and explore the possibilities of natural dyeing with this informative course.

Join now and start learning the basics of natural dyeing

Fabric Bags

Cellulose Fabrics

Understand the different cellulose fibers and how to prepare them.

Work on cotton, hemp, linen, and more

different natural dyes in Petri dishes

Natural Dyeing step by step

Learn how to create amazing saturated colors using only natural materials.

Work with a wide range of roots, barks and flowers, and learn how to forage your own dyestuffs.

Image by Jon Tyson

Self Paced Video's, Texts and Download

Your materials will stay available for you for two years.

Online support available by mail.

Clear instructions and homework assignments.

Fabric with eco print samples made with different leaves

The Complete Botanical Printing Online Course

The new and improved botanical printing online course is now available for you!

Learn how to print with real leaves and make your imprint of nature on cloth.

  • 12 self-paced modules

  • Over 30 lessons with step-by-step instructions, 

  • 39+ videos and downloads

  • Online support for all your questions.

The course is available for two years from the moment of purchase. Register and get started today.

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